The Ejercito Rosa (Rose Army), awareness of environmental impact, and feeling comfortable in our own shoes closed Colombiamoda 2018

The Ejercito Rosa (Rose Army), awareness of environmental impact, and feeling comfortable in our own shoes closed Colombiamoda 2018

New aesthetic perspectives for new generations together with Mickey Mouse were perceived in the catwalk of Isabel Caviedes, who merged fashion and comics.

  • Various fashion moments carried out in The Cube, Vogue Talents Corner, commercial brand catwalks, and the closing runway, were part of the last day of the 29th edition of Colombiamoda 2018.
  • New aesthetic perspectives for new generations together with Mickey Mouse were perceived in the catwalk of Isabel Caviedes, who merged fashion and comics.
  • Isabel Henao, the designer in charge of closing the business, fashion, and knowledge trade show aimed at the players of the Fashion System, did so impeccably and elegantly.

July 2018 On the third and last day of Colombiamoda 2018 designers continued to flood the catwalks with first class attire. In the meantime, at The Cube, brands like Popsicle Underwear, Laguna Swimwear, The Bloom, Quazar–who used current trends in wallets and accessories, and Juan Enriquez–who was inspired by images collected from the streets, nightlife, and dark-based colors, presented their most recent collections. Another place where fashion was lived this last day was at Vogue Talents Corner, where MPM, Margarita Diaz del Castillo, Mia Mulatta, and Mayor of Envigado Jewelry were paraded.

In swimsuits, María Bay, showed her  “Imminent” collection on the Non Stop catwalk, Fashion the Colombian Way, where geometric figures, boleros, V necklines, and knotted figures in contrasting colors took the main role in each Swimwear
proposal. In regards to accessories, the bags of Inés Bellorez included the Box Bag, current trend in Spring – Summer 18/19 accessories, with words or graphic details.

A loose, comfortable, elegant and, above all, simple and timeless fashion, was how designer Manuela Peña, winner of the contest “Designer Wanted” of FUCSIA Magazine  and Finesse described  the ÜIO collection of her Religare brand. Timeless wrap-around garments made of various frayed fibers, with dyes, natural, and reused supplies were the main characteristics of the catwalk, which used the anaconda as its main inspiration.

During this edition of the Trade Show, the parade of the Pontifical Bolivarian University, UPB, was an opportunity to appreciate the different types of ways in which its students and graduates choose to present themselves to the fashion industry. We contemplated awareness of environmental impact with garments in fique, an architectural inspiration, layers, overlays, ribbons, and ties, as well as protest against violence towards women.

The Éxito group returned to the Trade Show with People in a ModoRosa collaboration with youtubers, Brosnacion. Their main mission, “Nacion Rosa”, in addition to having Denim as a protagonist with the color pink, was to enhance the importance of self-care in patients with breast cancer, with the motto “breast cancer is not the same as my mother’s”. For this reason, posters were seen in the groups’ collection which were Bros Black, Ejercito Rosa, and Denim Friends.

Traveling is probably the most well-known inspiration for fashion designers, as designer Laura Aparicio demonstrated today by her Autumn-Winter 18/19 collection “Migratory Nature” during the INFASHION next to PAYLESS catwalk, where the 80’s were reflected. Her inspiration was based on the role of the Nomad, reflecting it through use of stripes, figures, and abstract camouflage, irregular cuts in cotton, and technological fibers in blue, orange, green, and pale pink colors.

Isabel Caviedes presented her EDES and “Mickey The True Original” collection,  inspired by the character of Pop culture.  The collection sought to demonstrate new aesthetic perspectives for new generations, where creativity became a component of streetwear. With oversized t-shirts, prints, embroidery, ribbons, and a clear inclination towards intervention with textile vinyl in neon colors such as green, orange, and lilac, the designer captivated the audience.

With its first store opened in Europe–in Munich, Germany–Juan made us a part of his reinvention with the collection “Wild Society” where he introduced feminine garments for the first time. Faithful to his DNA, described as a mixture of luxury and Rock’n’Roll, jeans and leather jackets with coatings and resins, metallic chokers, chains, and looks constructed from panels of different fabrics and colors, on this last day of Colombiamoda day 2018 he ratified that the use of fabrics and supplies and clothing made in Colombia continues to grow in the country’s fashion industry.

Colombiamoda has stood out, among other things, for opening the eyes of its attendees and demonstrating the development of fashion personalities, their track record, plus the reason why they have stood out and have remained over time. One of them is Camilo Álvarez, paisa fashion designer who was at the Trade Show for the first time in 2004. Today, attendees were fortunate to be part of “Fortuna”, his new collection presented at Chevrolet Fashion Night, where garments made of cotton, denim, and sports fibers, told his story and toured fashion through the inspiration of the South African artist William Kentridge.

Banco de Bogotá and Carousel Magazine together with Isabel Henao, concluded Colombiamoda 2018 with the collection “Sound of the Wind”. Inspired by the transition of seasons and with 30 fluid and unstructured silhouette looks, the designer showed the impeccable elegance that characterizes her. The collection included satin fabrics, veils, transparencies, skinny pants, and straight-leg boots, floral appliqués, waistbands, and a color palette that traveled through pastel tones until reaching violet. At the end, Isabel’s artistic sensibility was reflected on the catwalk through her bridal gowns that included suits and embroidered capes, defining a contemporary, romantic, and empowered woman.

From exotic birds to printed lines for the home, oversized silhouettes that empowered women to masculine collections with innovative proposals for contemporary and risky men, the best accessories, and more current trends in shoes, lingerie, and swimwear… these define Colombiamoda 2018, a Trade Show where human relationship with nature was discussed, opening our eyes to the roots of Colombia, and the way in which biodiversity and the environment become the greatest inspiration for fashion, MADE IN COLOMBIA.

Prensa Inexmoda

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