The designer and entrepreneur Johanna Ortíz opens Colombiamoda 2019 with an international class runway

The designer and entrepreneur Johanna Ortíz opens Colombiamoda 2019 with an international class runway

This runway celebrated the relevance Colombia’s Fashion Week® has had within the Latin-American fashion industry.

  • The palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe was the stage chosen for a night dedicated to the talent of the designer Johanna Ortiz and to the success of her business model, in which she exports 90% of her production.
  • Johanna Ortiz presented Caprice, her resort collection 2020. A proposal gathering the tropical and feminine spirit which characterizes the brand, with a fine reminiscence to the 80’s.
  • This runway celebrated the relevance Colombia’s Fashion Week® has had within the Latin-American fashion industry.

July 2019. The Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe, one of Medellin’s architectonical heritage was the stage for the return of the designer from Cali, Johanna Ortiz to Inexmoda’s Colombia’s Fashion Week®. A night dedicated to the talent of Colombian creatives and to the potential of their business models. An evidence of this is the history of Johanna Ortiz, who in 2014 never imagined that Nativa, the runway she presented this year in Colombiamoda, was going to transform her life; and months later, the online fashion platform Moda Operandi, discovered this proposal and immediately invited her to become part of its brands.

From that moment, the name of Johanna Ortiz came forward on a worldwide level and her business model evolved from producing 3.000 garments in 2014 to 28.000 projected for 2019. A massive production framed by 4 yearly collections exhibited in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

Colombiamoda’s 30th edition opening runway, was not only the space to appreciate the talent of the designer, but also, a moment to celebrate the success and reach of her business model. A memorable encounter around fashion, that called around six hundred guests, who from their entrance had the chance to delight themselves with the splendour of the architecture of the Palace of Culture of Medellin, enjoy a delicious cocktail and witness the stage set up on the corridors of the place.

Thus, after 7 p.m., melodies evoking the traditional Son Cubano and the old Havana from the 50’s, gave way to the models. Among them, Natalia Montero, the surprise of the night, as she is considered as a true Colombian modelling revelation, and not in vain, with her short trajectory, has already modelled for brands as prestigious as Balenciaga, Prada or Giambattista Valli, among others.

During the runway, Johanna Ortiz’s collection Caprice Resort 2020, set the atmosphere with a true holiday, tropical and colourful spirit. The parade included more than fifty outfits driven to a risky and spontaneous woman, who lives intensively and gets connected with the freedom. In that regard, guests could appreciate dresses, blouses, skirts and pants; comfortable garments, with movement and multiple volume resources, specially, on the sleeves. Designs with a marked waist and certain reminiscence to the silhouettes from the 80’s, which joined together in a particular way, with the brand’s Latin essence.

In the same way, colour contrasts and prints were key; hues as ochre, yellow, black, pink, red and orange merged with a remarkable graphic component, and a wide variety of prints, inspired on the work of the artist Ellsworth Kelly.

Furthermore, the designer gave protagonism to the patterns of borrachero’s flower, which were a sort of conducting thread within this narrative. A runway that has given the assistants a stage of great quality and a proposal in which its identity finds great value on our culture and contexts, a seal capable of creating a universal and distinctive language.

This way, Inexmoda officially releases Colombiamoda’s special 30th edition, a special chapter as this tradeshow comes transformed and with a great bet on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the talent gets reunited with the creativity, entrepreneurship, technological appropriation and culture, all these, engines to promote the industry and the Fashion System. In addition, Colombia’s Fashion Week® has renewed with the implementation of new commercial formats both physical and digital, which will provide exhibitors, buyers, visitors and media, a comprehensive picture to the new possibilities of the retail world, trends being used globally. For 3 days, Colombiamoda 2019 will continue to ratify itself as the most important Latin-American fashion platform.

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