Knowledge energizes enthusiasts of the Fashion System during Colombiamoda 2018

Knowledge energizes enthusiasts of the Fashion System during Colombiamoda 2018

Twenty conferences updated the attendees of the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion with topics on Circular Economy and Digital Influence, two fundamental pillars to include within organizations.  


  • Twenty conferences updated the attendees of the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion with topics on Circular Economy and Digital Influence, two fundamental pillars to include within organizations.  
  • Inmakulate, Trendier, H & M, Facebook, Sails Colombia, Pinterest, Crystal Group, and the Ministry of ICT, are some of the organizations that opened the eyes of attendees, demonstrating great opportunities that are yet to be explored in the Fashion System.
  • Latinoamérica Habla defined its three winners. For this edition the contest that supports creativity of young designers from Latin America chose three Colombian students of Fashion Design/Apparel.


July 2018 The Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, the most powerful free knowledge scenario in Latin America, was inaugurated on Tuesday, July 24, the first day of Colombiamoda 2018, with an overloaded academic program on Circular Economy, Digital Influence, and Fashion Trends.

It is this constant updating of Fashion System enthusiasts that is one of the main objectives for which Inexmoda works. For this reason it has been working with Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana for the last seven years, and will continue to do so for three more years due to the alliance renewal. This union has allowed consolidation of important co-creation projects, defining program topics each semester, and specifically for this edition, two concepts that need to be worked on within organizations: Circular Economy and Digital Influence.

“Knowledge is the vehicle that will allow all the players of the Fashion System to remain updated and at the forefront of what the market is demanding. On this occasion the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion opted for Circular Economy and Digital Influence, two pillars that are part of the current business world, two paths full of challenges and opportunities for those companies that recognize that a transformation is needed in their business. The level and experience of the national and international lecturers are opening the eyes of those who are living this academic experience, demonstrating challenges facing the industry,” said Lorenzo Velasquez, director of Inexmoda’s Innovation and Research Laboratory.

A broad academic program enriched with knowledge

Of the 20 conferences of the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, 8 of them revolved around Circular Economy, where international experts such as Loula Mercedes, founder of Inmakulate, made a call to progressively eliminate strong substances and those that release microfibers in garment production, to radically optimize recycling, to make effective use of resources, to implement renewables, and to increase the re-use of clothing.

For her part, Ana Jimenez, country manager of the renowned Trendier application, told the success story of this app that firmly believes in the reuse of garments for extending their useful life and minimizing environmental impact, a call for making conscious decisions due to high costs and consequences left behind by Fast Fashion.  “A ‘fast fashion’ garment, which is worn less than five times and is thrown out after 35 days, produces 400% more carbon emissions than one that is used 50 times and is owned for a year.”  These impact figures caused the Trendier app to be born, whose model is based on: “I buy it, I wear it, I sell it”.

H & M confirmed through lecturer Ana Maria Prieto, Marketing Manager of H & M Colombia, the brand’s commitment to consumers and sustainability.  For this reason products and strategies are permanently created aiming at reuse and recycling of pieces.

In regards to Digital Influence, attendees listened to various experts such as Laura Anchico, director of Sails Colombia, who highlighted the importance of using digital channels as a way to increase sales, and in addition, the way in which users quickly find what they are looking for through their favorite channels, stressing that it is time for brands to understand how to participate in these new habits.

Renzo Biffa, CEO of Signa Studios, also took part in this academic venue, mentioning the differences between affiliate and influencer marketing.  This led to understanding the difference for defining which to choose according to suggested digital strategies. These and others were a part of the digital influence topic.

And finally, brands like Fashion Snoops, Pinterest, and Inexmoda were in the Fashion Strip of the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, a place dedicated to the projection of fashion trends for informing attendees in advance of what is coming in the next seasons, a valuable exercise for design teams of organizations.  

Democratizing knowledge is the goal of the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion and for this reason the talks were not only lived in the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín, but were also transmitted on the Telemedellín channel via streaming at and on the Inexmoda application, becoming a way to reach all countries and all those interested in the Fashion System.

Latinoamérica Habla, a contest that believes in students’ creativity

Once again, the Latinoamérica Habla contest-LAH- was part of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®. This time OFFCORSS and Inexmoda joined to enhance the talent of fashion design and apparel students of Latin America, a faithful commitment to the creativity, inspiration, and talent of young people.

Fifty-one students answered the invitation to the contest, presenting proposals focused on the Children’s market and Beachwear world; fifteen of them were selected and exhibited their designs at Colombiamoda 2018. Today, on the second day of the Trade Show, the award ceremony was held at the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion. The winners are the following:  

  • 1st place: Diana Marcela Neira from Bucaramanga, studying Fashion Design at the University Foundation of the Andean Area. What was her design for the LAH contest? A child savior of the ocean who is always looking after its species.
  • 2nd place: Richard Moreno Ruiz, student of Apparel Design at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín. What was his design for the LAH contest? His concept was “Beachdays”, based on a flamenco party and a story by Horacio Quiroga, a fun and colorful design.
  • 3rd Place: Daniela Blanco Gutierrez from Cali, an Apparel Design student at the San Buenaventura Foundation.  What was her design for the LAH contest? Carrying the name of “Voices of the Sea”, it was based on the creation of fantastic worlds.  She was inspired by fantasy, by the depths of the ocean, and by abstract shapes of light and dark.  




The chosen winners receive the following prizes: first place, a scholarship for a summer course at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Paris or London + the possibility of co-creating a collection for OFFCORSS; second place, a trip to New York of 5 days/4 nights to learn about the latest design trends; and third place, an internship at Totto along with software from Audaces Idea and four hours of training in its use.

Colombiamoda 2018 energized attendees with knowledge, demonstrating how organizations can guarantee their growth and permanence in the future. These are constant challenges posed by the industry and it is up to each one to define what to do in order to excel in the market. The Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion demonstrated the broad path to be followed in terms of Circular Economy and Digital Influence and the range of existing opportunities for including these pillars within the business models of organizations.

Tomorrow, on the last day of the Trade Show, the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion will focus on eight workshops that will put into practice the knowledge obtained during these first two days of the Show.

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