INEXMODA, Avon and its avon foundation for women Colombia, announced the opening fashion show of COLOMBIAMODA 2020

INEXMODA, Avon and its avon foundation for women Colombia, announced the opening fashion show of COLOMBIAMODA 2020


  • Inexmoda, Avon and its Avon Foundation for Women Colombia, announced through their digital channels that they continue to fashion respect for women, taking the message of non-violence through LIBERTAD, Diego Guarnizo’s collection for Avon’s foundation which will open the fashion branch of Colombiamoda, the Digital Fashion Week, which will take place from 27 July to 2 August on its first digital version, keeping its same essence through the Fashion, Knowledge and Business branches.
  • LIBERTAD is inspired in the campaign #AisladasNoSolas, initiative led by Avon Foundation in the world, with which is seek to provide the containment tools to support women victims of violence.
  • This collection, designed by Diego Guarnizo, will be presented on a fashion show with the participation of Catalina García – from the musical group Monsieur Periné- making a call to contribute to the elimination of the violence against women. The broadcast will be on Thursday, 30 July at 5:00 p.m. through and the event’s official channels: Teleantioquia and Telemedellín. 

June 2020. Inexmoda, the producer of Colombiamoda 2020, and AVON, official make-up artist of the event which has supported fashion and worked towards the rights of women in the world, announced through its digital channels that FUNDACIÓN AVON PARA LA MUJER with Diego Guarnizo, will be in charge of opening the fashion branch of Colombiamoda with his collection LIBERTAD, a creative proposal making a call for the respect of women. This, inspired on the campaign #AisladasNoSolas which seeks to contribute to eliminate the violence against women, and will be broadcasted on Thursday, 30 July at 5:00 p.m. through and the events official channels, Teleantioquia and Telemedellín. As well as in Avon’s and Fundación para la Mujer Media.

“Inexmoda from Colombiamoda, on its first digital version, makes a call to collective work in order to achieve a common welfare and to be change makers. For this reason, Avon Foundation for Women Colombia next to Diego Guarnizo will be opening the fashion branch of Colombiamoda with a powerful social message towards a latent problem in our society: violence against women. Fashion is a very strong communication vehicle with deep social and cultural messages, so during these times in which the world is living an accelerated evolution, Colombiamoda wants to sow messages of change, reflection, hope and optimism, and what better way to open the fashion branch of the event, than with a social message driven to respect towards women”, stated Leonor Hoyos, Inexmoda’s director of Connections.


AVON, a Company for the women for more than 130 years contributes to promote equity and independence for women, joining them to walk together, creating a powerful network, inviting to recognize that #LaBellezaEsLibre (#BeautyIsFree), and with the feminine liberty being its inspiration. In this fashion show AVON FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN COLOMBIA will present LIBERTAD by DIEGO GUARNIZO, arriving to Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week, with the purpose of contributing to eliminate violence against women, being fashion the vehicle to express what millions of women are feeling in the world when they are free from violences: physical, psychological, sexual and economical. 

“For third consecutive year Avon Foundation for Women Colombia has the honor and privilege to open the most important fashion trade show in Latin America, Colombiamoda, with a message of hope for women. Today, specially, after living and withstanding the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we extend our solidarity to those women suffering any kind of abuse, aligned with the initiative we have championed worldwide under the name of #AisladasNoSolas (#IsolatedNotAlone), and what better way to do it than under the concept of LIBERTAD (FREEDOM)”.  stated Carolina Henao, executive director of Avon Foundation for Women Colombia.

On its Fashion show, Diego Guarnizo will evidence on each one of the garments of Libertad, the brave feminine spirit, that is capable of overcoming, empowering and fighting against the different types of violences. The swallows, on this collection will be the inspiration and will be on the garments with the objective of getting to every woman reminding them their value and contributing to their self-esteem. Each swallow will leave a feather on each of the hearts of the Colombian women, reminding them the value they have and the freedom they deserve. These swallows have an army of mountains full of dandelions, healing flowers traveling massive distances with the help of the wind to take life seeds. That wind on which every man is supposed to turn into in order to become that being that drives, that complements, that facilitates and accompanies the flight. This fashion show will have the participation of Catalina García from the musical group Monsieur Periné, and will wear each of the garments while sings to those women who want to tell who they are and know that living is a synonym of freedom and that even though pain exists, they are capable to heal it with love.

“LIBERTAD is a collection that invites us to release of: the ties, limitations, fears, negative thoughts, violences. It is the message we want to take next to Catalina García from Monsieur Periné, to make fashionable the respect for women. This way, our FREEDOM takes flight with a flock of swallows getting to the heart of the women with a message of self-love, strength and wisdom so each one of them confirms that the soul of a woman is not violent. The life and heart of women is honored” stated Diego Guarnizo, the designer of the collection of Libertad for Avon Foundation for Women Colombia. 

This way, Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week, will be opening its fashion shows on Thursday July 30 at, with a strip that will be full of moments that will allow those passionate about the Fashion System, to connect with the diversity of creative proposals, the talent and an inspiring conceptualization, that the brands and the designers will exhibit by presenting their performances from this new digital format of the tradeshow, as Avon Foundation for Women Colombia will do. Colombiamoda 2020 will be a call from Inexmoda to revolutionize to evolve, living together with this new fashion proposal.

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