Colombiamoda evolves to the Fashion’s Digital Week, with its same essence and a new awareness

Colombiamoda evolves to the Fashion’s Digital Week, with its same essence and a new awareness

May 2020. Revolutionize to evolve is the new invitation from Inexmoda that confirms the realization of Colombiamoda…

  • Inexmoda confirms a new edition of Colombiamoda, exploring a new digital format looking to contribute to the revitalization of the industry from business, fashion and knowledge. A new proposal born to keep alive the present of the Fashion System.
  • From July 27 to August 2, through, the final consumer and specialized buyers will be able to connect with brands and designers from the industry; fashion and knowledge are democratized to reach any place from the digital channels; and entertaining will be a new stage of the Tradeshow to be connected with the consumers’ lifestyles.
  • Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week, will be a new bet, with completely different dimensions to Colombiamoda’s physical version, which aims to unite the industry embracing change to overcome the situation.


May 2020. Revolutionize to evolve is the new invitation from Inexmoda that confirms the realization of Colombiamoda, with a new format the institute will explore through digital channels, keeping the spirit that has characterized it for over 30 years. This new bet aims to contribute to the revitalization of the industry from business, fashion and knowledge, and collectively, to explore ways and opportunities from this channel, which unites us today more than ever. Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week will be lived from this July 27 until August 2.

 “Inexmoda was born more than 30 years ago to support the growth and development of the Textile-Clothing industry. We have been consecutive doing our Tradeshows, and now, understanding the current context, a moment in which the industry needs us more than ever, we arrive with Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week, as a sign of commitment and positivism by Inexmoda. With a completely different format and in very different dimensions from those we are used to with a physical Colombiamoda, we look to keep alive the present of the Fashion System and from business, fashion and knowledge, activate the industry’s economy and show the perseverance we have as an industry”, stated Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Inexmoda’s CEO.

Inexmoda’s mission has been to transform the fashion business and connect it with the market, therefore, Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week will be an opportunity for the industry to join this virtual format and this way, TOGETHER, overcome these conjunctural times after COVID-19. The new Tradeshow format looks to promote encounters between fashion brands and specialized buyers, who will be gathered in the site, in which all the spaces offered by the event will take place.

This edition of Colombiamoda will be possible thanks to Alcaldía de Medellín, ProColombia, Universidad Pontifícia Bolivariana, AVON, Teleantioquia, Gobernación de Antioquia and Banco de Bogotá. Allies joining this initiative, that with their different know-hows will contribute to the transformation and experience of Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week.

Specialized buyers will get to know the offer from fashion brands and designers

Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week will have a platform in which all the fashion brands, and national and international designers with specialized buyers will be placed.  On this stage there will be categories such as: wardrobe, textiles and supplies, machinery, full package, biosecurity products, footwear and leatherwork, among others; which will be exhibited through catalogs and pictures on a platform dedicated to specialized business, so buyers can navigate the offer of the brands and build new opportunities.

Moreover, looking to promote the exports of the Country between national brands and international buyers, ProColombia, as a key ally on each of Inexmoda’s events, will facilitate a virtual relational meeting to create new international commercial bonds promoting the exports from the industry. These encounter scenarios will be available from Monday, July 27 until Friday, July 31.

 Sales for the final consumer 

In order to promote the fashion consumption, Colombiamoda 2020 will have a virtual space so the consumer can get interested in different brands from the Fashion System. A place that will take from startups to big companies from the industry to commercialize their products. This space will be enabled from Monday, July 27 until Sunday, August 2.

 Fashion shows and lifestyle

Current technology is playing in favor of society and will be a tool that will allow that, in Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week, borders are crossed, and from virtuality, get with an open access to audience in general, sharing creativity and talent of the industry from brands and designers.

In honor of the runways from the physical version of Colombiamoda, the audience will enjoy virtual fashion shows broadcasted through different digital channels thanks to Teleantioquia, as the official channel. It will be an experience, that on a different way, will continue uplifting and enriching the product of the brands and the designers. This aspect of the Tradeshow that will be open to the public with previous registration will have the format see now, buy now, in which people can buy each of the proposals presented.

“Understanding the dimensions we can reach through the digital channels, from Inexmoda we want to pay tribute to the iconic runways of the physical version of Colombiamoda, that have helped brands and designers from Colombia to position themselves. With Fashion shows, we want to continue showing the talent and creativity of the industry”, stated Leonor Hoyos, Inexmoda’s Connections line Director.

Once again, AVON will be part of Colombiamoda, and through color and personal care will deliver a hope and solidarity message to the public, and will stamp color, make up and styling to each of the fashion shows.

As a new feature, the Tradeshow will have an online entertainment component in which the audience will connect with different activities linked to consumers’ lifestyles. In the program, fashion and entertainment will be experienced on July 30 and 31 and August 1.

 The knowledge as a vehicle to face a story written every day

Understanding the new world dynamics, in which information is key in order to take decisions, Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week will have the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion  in a virtual way hand by hand with the Universidad Pontifícia Bolivariana, where content around the awakening of environmental, social and economic consciousness will be offered to help entrepreneurs and students so it can be rapidly applied in a constantly changing reality.

The public can learn with national and international experts through lectures that will be made from Monday, July 27 until Friday, July 31. The channel will have an open access with previous inscription.

Knowledge applied to write new realities

As a new feature, Inexmoda in order to continue fulfilling its mission of transforming into knowledge the industry through advisory and accompaniment, will have in Colombiamoda 2020 online trainings as Master Class and advisory,  with experts guiding the attendants to apply knowledge from the theory and practice, so the industry can be supported in order to face the new realities.

With the same essence and a new consciousness, Colombiamoda, Fashion’s Digital Week will be a reality from July 27 to August 2 on Inexmoda’s team states that it is on our hands to change the course of history, reason encouraging to make an event from a different format, with the purpose of continuing contributing to the development of the industry and being a generator of optimism to overcome this world problem.

Prensa Inexmoda

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