The second day of Colombiamoda’s runways introduced new talents and ratified the labor of important names from the national design

The second day of Colombiamoda’s runways introduced new talents and ratified the labor of important names from the national design

Artisanal information as a highlighted aspect in many of the collections of Colombia’s Fashion Week®.

  • Non Stop, Moda a la Colombiana and El Cubo revealed the great potential of emerging proposals in Colombia.
  • Artisanal information as a highlighted aspect in many of the collections of Colombia’s Fashion Week®.
  • The day included the announcement of the winners from the contest Latinoamérica Habla.

July 2019. The second day of Colombia’s Fashion Week®, had a diverse group of creatives, who shared their fashion stories defined by their diversity, identity, and versatility; Non Stop runway was a proof of that, Moda a la Colombiana introduced two proposals with great potential and a distinct stamp. Ana Lucía Bermúdez from Cali, presented Moxe, a collection that put together many of the features characterizing her; pleats, prints making alluding dolphins, high waists, placed volumes and belts working as straps. All these framed inside a palette of vibrant colors as intense pink and purple.

Then, La Petite Mort, a Masculine Brand lead by Jonathan Cortez and Andrés Durán introduced its collection Agua Salada. Avant-Garde designs with two relevant aspects on its stamp: the remarkable traditional tailoring work and the inclusion of a high component of garments woven manually. The big surprise was in charge of eight looks worn by feminine models, designs created for the masculine universe, and thanks to their construction, able to be used by women.

Jeanswear had as a main representative, Trucco’s Jeans, a brand which design evolution has consolidated it commercially within the Country. In fact, in this opportunity the runway included a complete range of masculine apparel, and with a feminine proposal targeted to an informal but careful of the trends consumer. When the afternoon began, in El Cubo, the space Colombiamoda 2019 dedicated to emerging brands, was the stage for Cala de la Cruz, swimwear brand, that introduced a new collection rich in beach garments: swimsuits and pieces adjusted to live summer.  Also, in El Cubo, Adriana Tavera, presented a leatherwork proposal, characterized by a high artisanal information. Finally, the designer Lina Múnera, creator of the brand Süsse, released a collection composed by the mix of monochromatic textures and transparent fabrics, mainly bodies, but also included a masculine proposal.

The journey also included the award of the contest Latinoamérica Habla, one of the platforms of the event, as is one of the steps promoting young designers’ evolution within the industry.

This year’s topic was around Urban Tropical and the winners were: Daniel de Jesús Barria Rodríguez, a seventh semester student from a bachelor in Fashion Design from Universidad Nacional de Panamá, who was in the first place and will receive a scholarship for a summer course in the Instituto Marangoni in any of its sites in Paris, Milan or London. Andrés Felipe Peláez Rodríguez was in Second Place, an eight semester Fashion Design student from Colegiatura Colombiana, who received a trip to New York, for five days and four nights. Third place was for Gianella Ipia Jaimes, an eight semester Costume Design student from Universidad San Buenaventura from Cali, who got the right of an internship in Totto, an Audaces Idea software and four training hours in the use of the software.

In the afternoon the designer Guio Di Colombia, presented Caudillo, a story driven to the masculine market and which designs were conceived for formal to casual occasions. Yellow, ochre and pink hues highlighted, miniprints and some transparences in shirts and a series of looks dedicated to denim. During this second day, the academic fringe was in charge of Pasarela Colegiatura Jóvenes Creadores; Fashion Design students and graduates were part of this runway, that from 2002 is part of the schedule of official runways of the tradeshow and in this opportunity introduced designs including from experimentation with body shapes, exploration and a mix of materials to the making of collections driven to the uniforms market. Next, Memorias del Trópico was witnessed, a collection from Chamela underwear, which targeted three important universes: beachwear with two-pieces and one-piece bathing suits. The activewear, with leggings and tops; and underwear. A proposal with a high component of prints and natural motifs and accents like red. The pop aesthetic lovers had in the Pasarela Alcaldía de Medellín – Épica by Miguemo a fashion moment full of mirth. Garments with a focus on theatricality and sport information with a color palette full of abundant neon hues.

In this Colombia’s Fashion Week® edition, was marked by the return of the designer Maria Elena Villamil, who officially released her line MEV, oriented to a casual market. Ser, the name of the collection, is framed within resort 2020, a complete selection of dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, and jumpsuits, designs driven to women, including plus-sizes, and, for the first time, the designer included pieces for men. A versatile proposal with a contemporary stamp from the designer.

With the evening, arrived the runway Chevrolet Fashion Night by Renata Lozano, ratifying the connection between the fashion and the automotive industries. A language shared and the audience enjoys in a space like this. This is the case of the fashion show made by the designer from Cali Renata Lozano, who, faithful to her premise of creating a smart wardrobe for women, introduced pieces as shirts, skirts, jackets, jeans and pants, with a timeless line. Last, the Pasarela Arkitect – Maestros Ancestrales – Fucsia – Artesanías de Colombia had the creative direction of Renata Lozano, who in the same day had two runways. In this case, with the community Embera Chamí presented an elaborated crafted work with Czech bead, twelve pieces that added to serial production designs driven to a casual market, payed tribute to ancestral knowledge. At the end of the shows, an auction of this artisanal pieces was made.

Hereby, the most important fashion platform of Latin-America and an engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it puts together for three days the best of design, trends, knowledge and most relevant businesses of the region, closed its second day.

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