The Best Place to Sell Tickets

The Best Place to Sell Tickets StubHub or eBay are great alternatives if you require an outlet for tickets to be sold. Listed below are tips on each one, such as fees, shipping, and customer service. If you are trying to sell tickets at an affordable price, eBay is an excellent option. The buyers

The Best Place to Sell Tickets

best place to sell tickets

StubHub or eBay are great alternatives if you require an outlet for tickets to be sold. Listed below are tips on each one, such as fees, shipping, and customer service. If you are trying to sell tickets at an affordable price, eBay is an excellent option. The buyers will benefit from the cheaper price however, there’s a $0.30 per order fee for sellers. Craigslist is a marketplace for numerous items, attracts more than 200 million visitors per month, and tickets for events that are popular tend to sell out quickly. Craigslist is free to use and there are no costs for selling or buying. Sellers can also set the price of tickets according state law.


StubHub is the most effective place to sell tickets. You can sell a wide range of tickets on the site including general admission tickets and seats that are reserved. If you want to make the transaction easier it is possible to add additional features and display the seats. StubHub makes the entire process easy.

StubHub is charged 10% on top of the easy-to-use interface. The buyer is responsible for the remaining 85%. A $100 ticket earns you $100 if sold on StubHub. You can choose for receiving your cash through PayPal or through a the check. Make sure you’ve used the same email address for both accounts. If your tickets are sold, StubHub will send you an email. The transaction will be completed within a few days.

StubHub is an authentic online ticketing website. However, there are certain flaws. Prices are subject to change and tickets may not be authentic and you could be charged shipping costs. It’s essential to read the reviews from both sides before making a an informed choice based on all the facts. StubHub provides excellent customer support. These are the main aspects to be aware of if intend to sell tickets on StubHub.

In addition to selling tickets, StubHub ensures that tickets will be delivered at the right time, have valid entryand are similar to the original ticket. It also offers a guarantee of 100% refund for cancellation of the event. StubHub also has good reviews from users, making it the best platform for selling tickets. When you purchase or sell tickets on StubHub it is possible to pick from thousands of sellers listing.

To sell tickets on StubHub, you must register and select your event. After you’ve completed that you’ll need select your section and row along with the number you want to sell tickets. In the seller’s page you will be required to upload a PDF copy of the ticket or upload the PDF. When you’ve chosen your tickets, the seller will receive notification of the transaction. It’s as easy as that!

Vivid Seats

The most appealing thing about Vivid Seats is that it has the highest users of all ticket resales websites. It means that potential buyers can find the most competitive prices. You can also upload your tickets to the site and let potential buyers to pay via PayPal. After you have received payment, you can access the account you have created to view your tickets. Vivid Seats’ most appealing feature is the fact that you can pay with PayPal or credit card.

If you’re just beginning and are looking for a place to start, there’s a search function on the site that can help you locate what you’re searching for. Type in a search term such as the name of the team, the venue, or performer and the results will appear in chronological order. Vivid Seats will accept all major credit cards, as in addition to PayPal Credit and Google Wallet. You can also rest assured that your tickets will not remain unclaimed because of Vivid Seats’ “Buyer’s Guarantee’ policy.

Be aware that Vivid Seats may charge you service fees if you sell tickets. These costs include commissions for third-party websites, customer service and processing fees. The fees are necessary in order to safeguard the platform and to solve any transaction problems. There is still much to be accomplished. There are a myriad of questions that must be answered to determine which ticket market is the best choice for you.

StubHub is another ticket-reselling website that is worth checking out. It receives more than 40k brand name searches per month, which is less than StubHub’s two-million-plus per day visitors. Vivid Seats has a lower cost structure than StubHub and also offers premium services that can enhance the user experience. With these two benefits, Vivid Seats is the best option to sell tickets.

Ticket Liquidator

When it comes to selling tickets, Liquidator sells tickets Liquidator is akin way similar to eBay. It lets users list tickets with their own prices and may also sell tickets to events that might not be highly sought-after. If you are selling tickets that are well-known, you’ll most likely make some money However, if your tickets aren’t well-known it is necessary to lower the price in order to attract attention. To draw attention to your product the eBay users will offer low prices.

Ticket Liquidator is a benefit of being a legitimate ticket agent that follows a typical ticket sales procedure. Additionally, it has an intuitive interface and an extensive search area. Alongside concert and sporting events, the website also sells tickets for various other events. If you are selling tickets that are not sold on the website, it’s something you need to consider. It is recommended to read the policy regarding refunds prior to selling tickets through Ticket Liquidator. Ticket Liquidator accepts tickets from amateur and professional ticket sellers.

Ticket Liquidator takes a 10% commission on all sales, and guarantees that buyers receive their tickets. The company also has a customer-reselling program that will guarantee the right to attend events if tickets are returned. The company also offers a mobile discount for new users as well as the guarantee of a money-back guarantee of 200 percent can you trust seat geek on all tickets sold. It is also possible to search for local events through the website.

Ticket Liquidator also has the benefit of not allowing multiple bids. This is an enormous benefit since it helps keep ticket prices within the limits. Ticket Liquidator offers a wider selection of shows than eBay. There are numerous kinds of events, such as concerts, sportsevents, and theatre shows. They can’t be delivered in a hurry.

Ticket Liquidator can also be a great site to buy tickets. This site offers tickets from reliable sources at prices that are hard to beat. Since they only sell tickets from trustworthy vendors, you can ensure that you won’t be ripped off. They ensure that tickets will be delivered in time and are of the highest quality. If you do not receive your order, Ticket Liquidator will refund you in full the amount you paid for.


When you decide where to sell your ticket there are many possibilities to select from. Online classifieds are a great method to sell tickets for a discount. It is common to find they will charge less than other sellers to sell your items. Sellers can increase their prices as low or high as they wish. You can also try selling your tickets via eBay however, be aware of the dangers. Some sellers will attempt to sell tickets on eBay for a low price as they want to sell their inventory. This is an option if you possess tickets that are not in great demand.

StubHub is a great place to start to determine whether to put your tickets on eBay. They have more than 10 million events in 40 countries. It makes selling tickets quick and easy for sellers. To sell tickets, customers must create an account. They are able to choose the price at a fixed or declining rate. Sellers are also able to sell their tickets through StubHub. The buyer will be able to pick up the tickets at the centre or at any other suitable place after listing the tickets on the site.

If you’re concerned about counterfeit tickets, there are many safeguards on eBay. You can reach eBay’s dispute services if you are uncomfortable buying your ticket from an untrustworthy seller. Before making payment, always check the receipt and carefully read the fine text. Remember: there’s no shortage of tickets to sports events on eBay. While selling your tickets online could be lucrative, you must be wary of scams and steer clear of them.

The use of a ticket broker sell tickets an excellent idea. While brokers can be useful and informative, they should not be too aggressive. They are more likely to research the value of your tickets and will offer the best price. While it’s great to have a high bidder, it’s also important to keep your eyes open until the ticket’s value is high enough to create a bidding war. Certain platforms penalize sellers who list tickets with greater than one dollar outside the price range of buyers.

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