Sucessful synergies, innovative proposals and an unforgettable closure, defined the last day of runways of Colombiamoda 2019

Sucessful synergies, innovative proposals and an unforgettable closure, defined the last day of runways of Colombiamoda 2019

The third day of the 30th edition of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, gathered an interesting group of different generations of Colombian fashion.

  • In El Cubo and Non Stop, Moda a la Colombiana, six emerging proposals were presented oriented to distinct segments, in which we can find underwear, beachwear and casual.
  • Central schedule presented different alliances between author alliances and commercial brands.
  • The closing of the fair was in charge of Alado and its collection Terracota, a shocking runway, which staging was inspired in an anthropology museum.

July 2019. The third day of the 30th edition of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, gathered an interesting group of different generations of Colombian fashion, likewise, proposals oriented to different segments. This is the case of Non Stop Runway, Moda a la Colombiana®, which had Livenza, an underwear proposal, as the first Brand of the day, which made its debut with a collection of lingerie composed by bodies, bras, tops and bottoms, made with transparent fabrics and laces. The runway also had pyjama designs, kimonos, printed garments with floral motifs.

After that, it was Le Zapatiere’s turn, a brand from Bogota, specially directed to a millennial audience. In this opportunity, the young creative team decided to adventure with their first pret-a-porter collection, called Unbreakable. A tribute to the revelry, freedom of expression, individuality, and charism, all this inherited to the new generations: feminine and masculine designs making reference to a bit industrial and techno aesthetic, taking shape in jumpsuits, printed tees, skirts, pants and jeans. But in addition, maxi platform shoes, a brand’s icon.

The afternoon continued with the Runway Maxi – Retro from the Area Andina’s Foundation,  the academic contribution of the day. Collections about eccentric baroque, hyper romanticism or sensuality filled the runway with glow and colour. Then, the moment to appreciate the first strategic alliance of the day arrived, the Runway Alma + Bronzini + Isabel Henao. A collection exploring the Loungewear universe through the development of versatile, feminine and very elegant garments, in which smooth and soft textures stood out. The collection will be out for sale from today and a percentage of its sales will be destined to the foundation AlmaRosa, which works supporting women with breast cancer and with the early detection of this disease.

On the other side, El Cubo, had four young brands: Aquamanile, directed to the swimwear segment; MDCR, feminine wardrobe with an architectonic influence; The Nylon Club, specialized on design socks for women bodies, and underwear. Finally, Yuu, a risky and conceptual proposal which seeks to design apparel with a high crafted component like embroidery. Meanwhile, inside the Caja de Madera, the runways continued with the Runway Marketing Personal, brand which sales channel is the catalogue, and, in this opportunity, introduced a summer collection, thought for the women wardrobe’s functionality, segmented on its three main consumers, sexy woman, casual woman and urban woman.

In terms of synergies, an important union, was on behalf of Havaianas in alliance with the designer Alexandra Bueno and their collection Andariega. A heartfelt tribute to the coffee pickers of our country. Women that inspired feminine designs with tight silhouettes and placed volumes, specially, on the sleeves. Looks, which footwear ranged between the classic and the new references of the recognized Brazilian brand.

The night had as a first protagonist the Runway Chevrolet Fashion Night by Andrés Otálora, a reminiscence of fashion from the 80’s, particularly, the aesthetic lived during this time in Venezuela. The elegance of the Latin women in all its splendour, taking shape in a versatile and feminine collection, as the intention from the designer was to make it able to be worn on different occasions.

Finally, the closing runway of the 30th edition of Colombia’s Fashion Week®, was on behalf of Alado. Alejandro González and Andrés Restrepo, brand creatives, introduced Terracota, a collection inspired in the encounter of the hands and the mud.

Precisely, big totems of ceramics were prepared along the runway, a staging evoking the rooms of an anthropology museum. A space that became emotive and mystical when at the beginning of the runway, some Latin-American folk melodies were heard and the models began with their tour. Terracota is a story of fashion that was appreciated in four different moments: Ráquira, garments inspired in the transformation suffered by the mud with the water. Chamba, designs making reference to the contact of the pieces with the fire. Guajira, a series of outfits in which the colours and graphics stood out. Novias, a moment dedicated to one of the most important lines of the brand, which in this opportunity, included hand painted suits by artisans from El Carmen de Víboral. The runway finished with El Carmen, white and lustrous garments, intervened with graphics typical of the ceramics from this place.

This way, Alado closed this Colombiamoda’s special edition, with an emotive runway, that not only ratified the firm’s talent, but also gave the assistants an unforgettable experience in the frame of a fair that bet for the renewal, the talent and the creativity; milestones facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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