Proposals with an authentic Colombian Stamp, BCapital stake on its fifth edition

Proposals with an authentic Colombian Stamp, BCapital stake on its fifth edition

BSmart, BCapital’s academic axis will open the event each day with a complete program full of knowledge, counting with formats such as Master Classes, Hablemos de Moda and Video Forums.

  • BCapital, Bogota’s Smart, fashion and cool event will gather the next October 17 and 18 in Hotel Tequendama around 000 people who will get to know the fashion proposals with an authentic colombian stamp.
  • BFashion, axis where the fashion is exhibited from disruptive formats, will show the identity of colombian design from brands and designers like Banco de Bogotá presenting Cano by Paula Mendoza; Punto Blanco; Andrea Landa; and Chevignon by Atelier Crump.
  • BSmart, BCapital’s academic axis will open the event each day with a complete program full of knowledge, counting with formats such as Master Classes, Hablemos de Moda and Video Forums.
  • BCool’s Pop Up Store will exhibit around 12 different colombian brands, in which you can find La Petite Mort, Lugó Lugó, Osop, Oriana Miranda, Alado and Paula Mendoza. There will also be a special participation from Marvel on its 80 years.

September 2019. Bogotá prepares to receive BCapital’s fifth edition, Inexmoda’s event where art, music, theater and culture merge with creativity from the designers and different brands from Colombia. During October 17 and 18, BCapital will be showing the best of colombian design, through cutting edge experiences proving the assistants why the colombian design and talent is characterized by its authentic stamp.

Through three fundamental axis, BSmart, Knowledge; BFashion, fashion; and BCool, lifestyle; BCapital will gather diverse disciplines from the colombian creative industries. During BSmart, the knowledge axis with free entrance, there will be debates from different formats like Video Forums, Master Classes and virtual talks called Hablemos de Moda, which will have as main themes: Avant-garde and sustainability of Colombian design, topics of interest from the national and global scene involving fashion and its associated industries.

This academic axis will address the consumption as a tool of change in the Master Class offered by Ángela Sarmiento, Kukupu’s CEO, who will share about the possibilities of using the consumption as a tool for change in order to reach a financial, environmental and social sustainability. Besides, amongst the virtual talks, called Hablemos de Moda, Brands with a purpose, beyond the product, will be a discussed topic, addressing businesses impacting and working not only to have the best product, but also aiming to ease people’s life in order to generate society’s economic and sustainable growth delivering happiness. This talk will be done by Ana María Fajardo, one of the creators of the Brand Kupa.

Likewise, among the Video Forums different topics will be discussed such as the New Masculinities, inviting the assistants to ask themselves what would happen if the gender barriers dissapear?, showing the different perspectives of what we used to know as man and woman, transformed and evolved into new categories from other perspectives for this consumer who wants to be heard.

From diverse fashion expressions, BFashion will exhibit recognized designers and brands from the Country, among them will be Banco de Bogotá presenting Cano by Paula Mendoza, recognized jeweller on the international scene for her work and in this opportunity will be on Studio B, presenting her most recent collection as a Creative Director of Cano Jewelry. “Tayrona”, will be the name of this collection for Spring/Summer 2020, which will be a tribute to Colombia and its ancestors. Cano Jewelry is the representation of Colombia’s history as an indigenous culture and through this long process, Paula has had the opportunity to work with over 6.000 original molds from Museo del Oro.

On the other side, SIENTE PB – Punto Blanco’s runway, will exhibit its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, framed in the concept “take a break”, which will reflect a sophisticated urban style, mixing mastery in the knitting fabric of the colombian firm with the expresive resources of the most sartorial pieces. From functional structures inspired in athleisure and utilitarian trends Smart outfits are created without much effort.

For her part, the designer Andrea Landa, will present a collection where handcrafted, spontaneous and elegant roots will be highlighted for a woman understanding and defending her style; she will base her collection SKIMOS, on the Eskimo tribes in which embroidery, stitch and cut stand out, crafted techniques made at the interior of the firm’s workshop. SKIMOS is a versatile collection, in which garments have double sided versions, with fluid silhouettes, comfortable, easy to take and with a marked timeless character.

October 18’s closing runway will be in charge of the french Brand Chevignon by Atelier Crump, Brand which has been in charge of positioning the “power suit” through floral and femenine prints with its designer Diana Crump.

This collaboration between a comercial Brand and the designer will show the collection “Nuestra Herencia”, created with the purpose of exalting denim. A perfect mixture: Denim mastery, Chevignon emblem, with the traditional sartorial, Atelier Crump’s symbol. A connection of knowledges and experiences converging in a same creative intention: design a collection made in Premium denim and elaborated by expert hands taking care of the details.

Furthermore, the assistants will have the opportunity to enjoy the runway Fucsia: Tanqueray X MAZ – Manuela Álvarez, a proposal looking to celebrate the contemporary woman, confident, constant and creative, with her most recent collection: “Aunque es de Noche” inspired on the research, analysis and exaltation of the classic tailoring taken to the contemporaneity and femenine. It is a collection which basic belief is rooted on beauty and sophistication from the classic, being addressed on a distinct and modern way.

Finally, BCool will be the place where the brands and designers will create experiences of disruptive fashion during the two days of the event. Through Pop Up Store, the visitors will know and buy collections characterized by their cutting edge identity. It will be an exhibition of approximately 12 outstanding brands like: La Petite Mort, Lugó Lugó, Osop, Oriana Miranda, Alado and Paula Mendoza, in which the following categories are included: women and men’s clothing, jewelry and bridal.

In addition, the recognized comic’s brand Marvel will be present in this experiential space, where the fans and lovers of the fashion will be able to celebrate on a special way its 80 years, time in which different scenarios of the pop culture have been influenced.

The Tequendama Hotel, these October 17 and 18, will witness and event that will exalt fashion from its authentic traits, where the identity of the colombian stamp will be expressed in different formats, ratifying why colombian talent, design and creative industries are one of Colomba’s most valuable assets.

Press accreditations for BCapital 2019 are already open, go to and request it.

Closing accreditations: October 8, 2019

Prensa Inexmoda

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