Digital transformation and knowledge, Colombiamoda 2019 big investment for a competitive future

Digital transformation and knowledge, Colombiamoda 2019 big investment for a competitive future

Colombiamoda 2019 specialized tradeshow and the parallel fair, Textiles2, received near 800 buyers, 12% international and 88% national, who got connected with 475 brands in the tradeshow and 106 inextiles2.

  • During Colombiamoda 2019, technology, omnichannel processes, digitalization and the transformation of commercial formats, business models and new audiences, established the basis for the long-term strategy to prepare the industry for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Inexmoda’s new bet for omnichannel processes through Concept Market and Colombiamoda Digital received near 000 people who lived this new experience.
  • Colombiamoda 2019 specialized tradeshow and the parallel fair, Textiles2, received near 800 buyers, 12% international and 88% national, who got connected with 475 brands in the tradeshow and 106 inextiles2.

July 2019. Inexmoda with its fair Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, culminates a special edition that got transformed to accomplish its purpose of preparing the Fashion System as one of the engines for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With technology and knowledge as protagonists, and a radical transformation of the commercialization scenarios, the long-term strategy basis of the Fashion System were founded. In scenarios for reflection and capabilities development, the industry actors met firsthand the challenges to be faced and this way could prepare for the coming business dynamics and technologies to deal with the market challenges.

“At Inexmoda we are constantly doing research and studying the new trends shaping the future. We are convinced of the need to transform, what challenged us to design a Colombiamoda with new formats, which was a success and will be our long-term commitment. Certainly, we will continue evolving our platforms year after year, from different formats and bets answering the current and future market needs”, ensured Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Inexmoda’s CEO.

Concept Market Inexmoda

Colombiamoda 2019 special edition received near 11.800 specialized buyers, who enjoyed a transformed tradeshow. One of the spaces was the Concept Market Inexmoda, a multi-brand store format of retail, where people lived distinctive experiences and acquired special editions of the products from brands like FILA, NafNaf, Celio and Totto.

“We are very happy with the Concept Market result, it has connected us with a consumer who every day is more demanding, more informed and is looking for experiences and emotional connections with the brands. Here, we have achieved to create a bond with our market and create value for our brand”, stated Lina Vásquez, NafNaf’s Marketing Director.

Colombiamoda Digital

For its part, Colombiamoda Digital was Colombiamoda 2019 new bet for its omnichannel processes, where the brands dynamized their fashion electronic commerce and activated their digital strategies. This tradeshow was complemented by scenarios where entrepreneurs of Industries 4.0 presented innovations and tools for the digital transformation. This was complemented by other scenarios of reflection such as panels and discussion sessions around fashion business.

“Taking advantage of this scenario, Mercado Libre was promoting experiences for the consumers in which technology allowed them to understand their tastes and fashion style. Our objective is to potentiate the traffic that generates a scenario like Colombiamoda to activate our digital business model”, said Juan Camilo Pachón, Mercado Libre’s Market Place Manager.

Specialized Trade Show

From Colombiamoda 2019 tradeshow, Inexmoda’s new bet was oriented to the professionalization of the businesses, through a segmented exhibition and specialized in markets to create a more assertive business dynamic.

This renewed spaces received near 11.800 buyers: 12% international, mainly from countries like USA, Ecuador and Mexico; and 88% national, coming from different regions such as Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca; and they connected with 475 brands looking for a wholesale distribution for the categories Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Footwear and Leatherwork, Mixed, Jewelry, and Costume Jewelry. Within the offer offered were found international brands from countries such as Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Mexico and Brazil; and Colombian brands from regions like Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Santander, Valle del Cauca and Atlántico.

As a novelty, specialized buyers met a new space called Colombiamoda Emprendedora, an Inexmoda’s project, as organizing institute, for Colombian entrepreneurship. “The entrepreneurs are the future of our economy; therefore Inexmoda advices entrepreneurs, structure their business model and sees through our platforms to promote their growth”, stated Lorenzo Velásquez, Inexmoda’s Knowledge and Transformation Director.

From Textiles2, the scenario that prepares the industry for the second semester of the year and presents textiles, supplies and the full package to answer the commercial needs, 104 brands gathered from countries like Colombia, Mexico and USA; and from regions such as Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca.

So then, the specialized tradeshow augured a good business environment, where those who perceived the higher opportunities with a higher optimism were the categories jeanswear, feminine formal casual, footwear and leatherwork, costume jewelry, textiles and confection supplies. According the pollster Invamer, in about a year a commercial opportunity of around USD143 million could be closed.

“Procolombia wants to highlight that 60% of the international buyers comes from destinies from which the country has current trade agreements; in this regard, we maintain our policy of taking advantage of the trade agreements. This fact was key for a positive business dynamic during three days of Colombiamoda 2019”, said Maria Luisa Duque, ProColombia’s Regional Office Manager from Medellin.

Talent and Creativity in Colombia’s Fashion Week®

More than 50 fashion moments made that Fashion System enthusiasts, witnessed in 25 runways, 10 staging in El Cubo and 9 Trunk shows the importance of Colombian design, recognized for its creativity, talent, entrepreneurship, and its international projection, and keeps strengthening Colombia’s positioning as the Latin-American fashion epicenter.

The accomplishment of an event with Colombiamoda’s magnitude requires the work of 306 models from 28 agencies, 8 fashion producers and 60 people on the backstage dedicated of hairdressing and make up, which thanks to AVON, official make up partner, managed to transform and inject on each of the styling and make up proposals for each runway.

In addition, Inexmoda on its constant search for the new design promises that will open their way on international markets, had two important spaces to highlight the new proposals. One of them was Unique – Sello de Autor, project developed between Inexmoda, ProColombia and FedEx, where Colombian designers with products answering to the needs of international markets, met specialized buyers. Thus, Vogue Talents Corner, provided a tradeshow where Colombian designers reflected passion, creativity and exclusivity on their designs, exhibited in a place that breathes fashion, trends and avan-garde.

“Currently, Colombian author design is going through a boom on international markets; Colombian designers offer great creativity, inspiration and unique elements not found in any other parts of the world”, ensured María Fernanda Rodríguez, specialized buyer from Boho Hunter, USA.

Writting the Fashion Business Future

Inexmoda, as a knowledge center for the Fashion System, has its sight set on the future to be able to transform the Fashion Industry. Thus, for this fair’s edition,

It had a knowledge axis reloaded with three new spaces.

Inexmoda-UPB’s knowledge Pavilion called in national and international experts to discuss the future of fashion business. This space that has been made for 8 years with the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, accomplished to have near 8.700 visitors getting updated about how brands evolve and business models from consumer’s behavior; the knowledge was reflected in over 17 lectures and 12 workshops that were also broadcasted to 6.000 people via streaming, thanks to Telemedellin, the fair’s official channel.

The Trends forum, in charge of sharing knowledge around lifestyles for Fall/Winter 19/20 season according to Inexmoda-Fashion Snoops, had 16 lectures that updated assistants of the fair. Finally, the Prospective Forum, a novelty for this fair’s edition, allowed that 900 visitors had the chance to experience with VR, mixed reality and Cloud Computing, thanks to Microsoft, that provided experiences related to creativity and technology.

Colombiamoda, the Fashion Week with highest impact in all Latin-America decorated Medellin for three days with the business, fashion and knowledge from the experiences that left Colombiamoda 2019. This edition had 350 media, 247 national and 103 internationals, who lived on firsthand Colombiamoda’s transformation on its 30 years. During this time, the city had a hotel occupation of 82% and left and economic balance of US$12 million, according to the Secretary of of Industry and Tourism. Regarding the employment, the fair opened its doors to 3.315 direct and indirect jobs with those who made this fair possible.

Colombiamoda, on its special 30th edition was an invitation to evolve and transform the industry and make it one of the engines for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. New bets and changes will allow a constant construction of a competitive Fashion

System, productive and sustainable, which will make the industry remain in the global radar. Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, continues positioning itself as a unique fair in Latin-America, and keeps adding ingredients that prepare the actors of the industry to be prepared for the future trends.

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