Colombiatex 2020 opens its doors to sustainability, trends and business

Colombiatex 2020 opens its doors to sustainability, trends and business

The reuse of the water, textiles done with recycled plastic and biodegradable materials will be some of the trends regarding environmental sustainability seen during the event.

  • Inexmoda gets ready to start the year with Colombiatex de las Américas, as a discussion and education platform about the importance of a more sustainable textile sector and the innovations within the industry on this regard.
  • Colombiatex 2020 will take place on January 21, 22 and 23 in Plaza Mayor Medellín, and once again, will be the most important place in Latin America where all the all the trends and businesses gather for the textile industry.
  • The reuse of the water, textiles done with recycled plastic and biodegradable materials will be some of the trends regarding environmental sustainability seen during the event.
  • The event expects 350 exhibitors and 15.000 buyers coming from 50 different countries from all over the world.

January 2020. Inexmoda, the institute promoting the fashion system growth will open its doors to Colombiatex de las Américas 2020, from January 21 to 23, 2020, in Plaza Mayor Medellín, with a bet on education and discussion about the importance of a more sustainable sector. Considered as the most important platform about trends and businesses for the textile industry in Latin America, in this opportunity, will focus on presenting trends regarding sustainability, fashion and technology through knowledge scenarios, an exhibition of companies leading the industry in the world and the trends forum.

Inexmoda bets for sustainability in Colombiatex de las Americas

The world faces today an important agenda regarding environmental sustainability and the industries are being challenged by consumers that are more aware, more informed and more demanding, to develop products and services with a minimum impact on the environment. This trend is becoming more evident in the market and the question of the industries in the world requires a balance between environmental sustainability and business profitability.

This is why, Colombiatex de las Americas 2020, will have this topic as a main issue to discuss during the three days of the event, through the Environmental Sustainability Route, an initiative from the organizers in order to highlight the processes and the new business models being developed by more than 50 exhibitors in the event, where Colombia has a 55% of participation, Brazil 27%, Spain 7%, Mexico and Turkey 3% each and Pakistan 2%.

The Route will evidence those companies applying sustainable practices differentiated within their business models, educating the visitors about new available alternatives within the market.

Three Must-See sustainable trends in Colombiatex de las Americas 2020

  1. Reuse of the water: Processes within the textile production chain require the use of water in processes such as the dyeing, laundry and printing. Once the process is finished, the water is treated in order to reach purity levels of around 80% to be reused.
  2. Textiles made out of plastic bottles: the plastic is being processed and reused to create textiles and give a longer life to this material through the fashion industry.
  3. Biodegradable Materials: some processes within the textile industry require the use of chemicals and colorants to achieve the expected results. The new technological alternatives, present biodegradable solutions that do not threaten the environment from the production process nor the use of the garment by the final costumer. 

Trends Forum: a place to know what’s coming in fashion for 2020

Colombiatex de las Americas has an emblematic Trends Forum, a space where the buyers and the visitors can learn about the fashion trends opening the business timetable for the year through daily lectures about the season Spring-Summer 2020 beginning on February and ending on July. Therefore, the visitors will have the opportunity to learn about what will be seen in the market regarding textiles, supplies and color during this season. The Trends Forum will also have a samples exhibition with the products and novelties being presented by the exhibitors from the event.

Likewise, Inexmoda will celebrate the Denim Day on Wednesday 22nd of January as part of the event, a tribute to this fashion category where the invitation to the assistants is to wear their best denim look.

Knowledge will be essential in Colombiatex de las Americas

Inexmoda considers knowledge and learning as the most important asset of an organization. That is why during the tradeshow, there will be the recognized Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, a space open to the public and made with an alliance with the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana where near 28 different experts will share their experience with about 9.000 visitors in formats like lectures, workshops and discussion tables.

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Three lectures not to be missed:

  1. Abracadabra, the power of the word
    By: Juan Carlos Yepes – Founder and manager of the Agency STM, one of the main communication companies in the Country.
    With the goal and increasing the productivity levels of the assistants, Juan Carlos Yepes will talk about the decision-making process, the main purpose, the conscience about the power of the language and the thoughts and the generation of trust, with the Learning by Doing methodology with magic trick games producing a high impact in order to settle the concept more effectively.
  1. Current Situation and Sectoral Perspective Colombia and the World
    By: Alejandro Escobar Correa. Founder and Manager of Sectorial
    Global and local trends will be analyzed marking the sectoral dynamic with an emphasis on the growth potential of the Colombian economy and the Fashion System.


  1. Digital Transformation of the Catalog Sales. Its economic, social and environmental impacts.
    By: P Joan D. Baena – Talent School 4.0 leader Institución universitaria Pascual Bravo
    Catalog sales are characterized by their significant growth, with a high impact on millions of Colombian homes’ economy, need a true evolution today. The digital transformation will allow to integrate technology in order to begin the new role within the world of catalog sales. This will be the occasion to know how to take advantage of the digital tools and begin with the E-catalog Era.

Colombiatex as a global business platform

This tradeshow is characterized for being the Latin America’s most important business platform within the textile industry thanks to the UFI certification recognizing world-class events, where 50 countries from all over the world gather. With around 11.000 square meters of exhibition, the event will present 530 exhibitors, 40% coming from different countries like India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, USA, among others. The other 60% comes from Colombia, mainly from Antioquia and Cundinamarca. The exhibition will gather a remarkable offer of textiles, machinery, supplies, chemicals and companies with a full package.

During the event starts the timetable regarding the businesses for the year, as it is there that near 15.000 buyers converge from which around 2.500 are international, coming to Medellín to establish business with this industry. Among the international buyers stand out the participation of

Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and USA, and Colombian buyers from regions like Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, the Atlantic Coast and the Santanders.

The buyers and the visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the offer of the creative industries through the Graphic Market, an Inexmoda’s bet as the event organizer in order to integrate the creative talent of graphic designers and illustrators as essential suppliers within the Fashion Industry supply chain. Also, the event will highlight more than 100 participating companies whose production is 100% Colombian through the Origen Colombia stamp, aiming to encourage and highlight the local production.

Release of the new Inexmoda’s Tradeshow: Heimtextil Colombia 2021

Last January 8, Inexmoda and Messe Frankfurt made official the alliance in which the international organization known as one of the biggest tradeshow organizers of the world, gives the Colombian institute the license of their Brand Heimtextil, which will come for the first time to the Country, specifically to Medellín, from April 27-29, 2021. Heimtextil Colombia will be a gathering point for the Americas where trends and innovations regarding home decoration and interiors will be shown.

During Colombiatex 2020, Inexmoda and Messe Frankfurt will release this alliance and Heimtextil 2021. The meeting will be next January 22 at 3:00 p.m. at the Tradeshow Press Room.

Three days are coming in which Medellín and Latin America get ready to receive the Latin America’s most important business platform for the textile industry, where sustainable trends, technologies and fashion, with businesses and knowledge will be in charge of updating visitors, buyers, exhibitors and media meeting on this tradeshow’s 32 edition.

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