Colombiatex 2020: evidenced sustainability as a milestone for the growth of the business in the future

Colombiatex 2020: evidenced sustainability as a milestone for the growth of the business in the future

The Environmental Sustainability Route, one of the most successful initiatives of this business platform, made visible more than 57 companies making innovations on their productive processes looking for a more sustainable fashion.

  • Colombiatex de las Américas 32 edition had spaces for discussions and education surrounding environmental sustainability. The event lived three days full of trends, knowledge and business to design the route for the industry for 2020.
  • Close to 682 buyers coming from 33 countries, around 546 exhibitors from 21 countries and more than 7.000 participants on the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, are some of the numbers of this edition of the tradeshow.
  • The Environmental Sustainability Route, one of the most successful initiatives of this business platform, made visible more than 57 companies making innovations on their productive processes looking for a more sustainable fashion.

January 2020. With a bet for a more sustainable textile industry, Inexmoda closed the 32nd edition of Colombiatex de las Americas, through education and discussion spaces surrounding environmental sustainability. The event had three days full of trends, knowledge and business to design the route for the industry for 2020.

Advances regarding environmental sustainability

More than a trend, environmental sustainability is here to stay, and today’s consumers are more critical and informed about the impact of their consumption habits. In terms of fashion, in order to achieve sustainability, it is essential that the textiles, supplies and production processes become friendlier with the environment.

This is why Colombiatex de las Américas 2020 presented advances regarding this theme in which recycling of materials like PET and used clothes in order to create new fibers, water treatment to be reused in the productive process or take it back to the rivers; the use of new energy sources as solar screens and the implementation of certified chemicals and substances to generate no impact on the environment stood out. “Environmental sustainability is not an option for the companies, it is an obligation; we are entering an era in which economic sustainability will depend on the companies’ environmental sustainability,” stated Carlos Eduardo Botero, Inexmoda’s CEO.

In the frame of the event, The Environmental Sustainability Route made visible the exhibitors that are innovating on their productive processes looking for a more sustainable fashion. The route had 57 companies from which 54% were Colombian and the 46% international from countries like Colombia, Brazil and Spain.

Technology transforming the fashion business

Digital and technological transformation has grown rapidly and has impacted the different business models during the last years. These advances have made easier people’s life, digitalizing productive processes and promoting the value chain within the organizations. The exhibition of Colombiatex de las Américas 2020 presented great advances on technology for the fashion industry, that not only manage to increase productivity, but also improve the working conditions for the people, and in some cases, even reduce medical problems of the workers.

Some advances on this field presented during the event involved robotic arms to automate productive processes, 3D modelling systems to reduce reprocesses and cost overruns, and production systems with artificial intelligence.

Fashion trends emerge with textiles and supplies

Colombiatex de las Américas represents the roadmap for the specialized buyers and designers. During the event, the trends forum presented fashion information for Spring-Summer 2020 season starting on January and finishing on July through the exhibition of textiles and supplies belonging to tee tradeshow’s exhibitors, and daily lectures about the topic, which was attended by around 2000 people during the three days of the event.

Key trends highlighted at the Trends Forum:

  1. Textiles with blurry looks, cellophane look, melted graphics and ball prints inspired in California.
  2. Ultrafine fabrics, textured, pleated and natural fabrics. printing with granulated appearance pumice stone type, light floral watercolor type and retro shaped fruits.
  3. Mesh and chains, frosted surfaces, luxury velvetiness, animal print graphics and graffiti.

In addition, Inexmoda made a tribute to Denim, with the Denim Day, an invitation to Colombiatex’s assistants to wear their best outfit made with this material and enjoy the different activities proposed by the tradeshow in order to celebrate the existence of this iconic fabric.

The future of the fashion business is written in Colombiatex

Inexmoda is convinced that the textile industry competitiveness is based on entrepreneurial knowledge and transformation. Therefore through its Knowledge Lab provides these spaces of discussion and education about innovative strategies for the fashion business.

Within the frame of Colombiatex de las Américas, Inexmoda and Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana-UPB, opened the doors to the Knowledge Pavilion where 28 different experts shared their knowledge about the being, sustainability and the fashion business, through lectures and workshops that gathered around 7.000 people on the site and 7.400 connected people via streaming. Also, during the event Inexmoda celebrated 10 years of work side by side with the UPB creating the Knowledge Pavilion, and both reaffirmed their commitment with this initiative.

The exhibition that connects Latin America with the world

During the tradeshow, 546 exhibitors from 21 countries presented their innovations regarding sustainability and technology, and the participation of countries like Colombia with 328 exhibitors coming from Antioquia (46%), Cundinamarca (44%), Valle del Cauca (6%), among others. The international participation had 218 exhibitors mainly coming from India (24%), Brazil (22%), Italy (10%), among others.  In this participation we could find proposals such as:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: plastic reuse, purifying water treatments and gas emissions reduction.
  2. Technology: robotic arms. 3D modelling and the digital transformation of the industry.
  3. Technical textiles: Smart fibers that do not lose their shape with the use of eco-friendly materials.

The exhibition was visited by 13.682 buyers arriving to the event, of which 12.587 were Colombian from regions like Antioquia (48%), Cundinamarca (20%), Valle del Cauca (5%), among others. In addition, 1.542 international buyers visited the event from countries like Ecuador (21%), Peru (17%), Mexico (13%), among others.

Colombiatex de las Américas 32nd edition also highlighted the creativity and production made 100% in Colombia. Because of this, 18 designers and illustrators offered their creations through the Graphic Market. In addition, the event organizers promoted the Colombian exhibitors’ businesses through the stamp Origin, differentiating 114 brands with product lines produced in Colombia.

Numbers that boost the economy

Colombiatex de las Américas is the most important tradeshow of the textile industry for Latin America with close to 11.000 square meters of exhibition. The assembly of the event requires the hiring of 4.700 people and the use of 2.600 freight vehicles. The organizers estimate that the investment to adequate the spaces is around $13 million dollars and employs indirectly 5.060 people.

On the other side, the economic spill of the event for Medellín is calculated in $9,4 million dollars and reaches a hotel occupation of 91%. According to the studies made by the firm Invamer, the business expectations are of $753 million dollars, from which 56% was materialized during the event and 44% could be achieved during the year following the event.

This result answers to the positive economic behavior closing 2019, promoting the materialization of a good percentage of business deals. Likewise, investments on technology and sustainability increasing the demand in all categories and especially machinery, that for this tradeshow edition, had an extension on the Yellow Pavilion. It is worth highlighting that there was an increase on the ticket average of the 71%, which means an increase on the buying intention during Colombiatex 2020.

“With the challenge to begin homologating our measure indicators with the international tradeshows, from 2021 we will move from measuring from the expectations and business perspective rates, to the standard data of the world tradeshows, which are tantamount to the numbers dynamizing the economy on a direct way as the investment in mobility, infrastructure and direct and indirect hiring; as well as the city impact coming with the commercial platforms as Colombiatex de las Americas”, explained Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Inexmoda’s CEO.

Inexmoda and Messe Frankfurt conquer the Americas

In the frame of Colombiatex de las Américas 2020, Inexmoda and Messe Frankfurt announced their Alliance to conquer the Americas with the realization of Heimtextil Colombia, a tradeshow that will position itself as the most important event regarding interior design and home of the continent.

Messe Frankfurt, one of the most important event organizers of the world, gave the license of this event to Inexmoda at the growth of homes and hotels construction in America, and it is expected to receive 110 exhibitors from countries like Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, France, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, among others; and visitors from the Americas, especially those countries with higher market potential: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, among others.

Colombiatex de las Américas closes a successful edition in which the message was strong: evidence newness and current referents for the industry, regarding sustainability, technology, trends and business, new implementations making an impact on the textile industry that are being coherent with today consumer’s demands and the productive processes of the organizations.

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