Colombian-made processes and sustainable companies stand out in Colombiatex de las Américas 2019

Colombian-made processes and sustainable companies stand out in Colombiatex de las Américas 2019

One of the most iconic textiles in history–denim–clothed Colombiatex de las Américas today on Denim Day.

  • The 31st edition of the Trade Show featured the Sustainability Route, where 17 companies were highlighted for their processes related to the environment, economy, and society.
  • Origin Colombia was one of the innovations of this edition of the Trade Show, where visitors discovered which companies develop products in the country, facilitating international negotiations.
  • One of the most iconic textiles in history–denim–clothed Colombiatex de las Américas today on Denim Day.

January 2019. Colombiatex de las Américas, the most important textile trade show in Latin America advances, presenting two special developments to its visitors: recognition of companies that develop sustainable practices, and of those that manufacture products with the Origin Colombia stamp. And as is tradition, on the second day of the Trade Show attendees dressed in denim to pay tribute to one of the most iconic textiles in history.

The Sustainability Route, a tour of 17 companies that connected buyers, exhibitors, communication media, and others, displayed sustainable initiatives of these companies that involve technical processes, water and energy conservation, and recycling–all demonstrations of their commitment to the environment. 

“This is an initiative stemming from Inexmoda; we felt it was important to highlight the sustainable processes of those companies participating in the trade show, so we invited companies to share their work as brand exhibitors on environmental, economic, and social levels, and those which met all requirements were included in the Sustainability Route of Colombiatex 2019,” said Manuela Gomez, Marketing Coordinator at Inexmoda.

Enka de Colombia, a participating company, promotes fashion with environmental responsibility, supporting recyclers in collection of PET bottles. At a state-of-the-art plant these are converted into polyester fibers and are used in the manufacture of geotextiles, household linens, and ecological garments, achieving environmental benefits for the planet, such as reduction in energy consumption.

“To improve sustainable practices in Colombia it is necessary to address sustainability from before and not after, understand that it is a dynamic process and reinvents itself according to need, know that the environment should be the focus, and feel a part of it,” affirmed Mariana Matija, expert in sustainability and Inexmoda ally.


Origin Colombia, another Colombiatex 2019 innovation, is an initiative to highlight the companies whose production is carried out in Colombia. These companies have a red pennant in order to be identified. This informs the buyer that the company has the Seal of Origin, a fact that facilitates business in countries with which Colombia has free trade agreements, an advantage for reaching various markets without having to pay tariffs.

Fabricato, part of Origin Colombia, is a textile company of 100% Colombian industry which guarantees its national and international buyers that all its products are certified MADE IN COLOMBIA, guaranteeing that both textiles and clothing are produced in the country. Fabricato is also part of the Sustainability Route, and within its sustainable practices is highlighted the fact that 100% of its dyed fabrics are eco-labels; in addition it reuses 100% of threads and fibers recovered from the textile process, converting them into organic products.

Among sustainable textile processes with denim is work with lasers, making the wear process efficient and optimizing energy management in production. This opportunity allows brands focused on this category to support the sustainability of an iconic and versatile fabric, accompanied by the latest editions of Colombiatex de las Américas through Denim Day (supported on this occasion by Levi’s®).  During this tribute attendees wear their best denim look; this day-long attire will be accompanied by an activity held at the end of the day in the Central Plazoleta of Plaza Mayor.

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