Colombian design was the protagonist during the first day of Colombiamoda 2019

Colombian design was the protagonist during the first day of Colombiamoda 2019

The balance of the runways reveals solidity and consistency in the construction of brand’s identities and original stylistic stamps.

  • Runways’ official schedule included proposals directed to different wardrobe universes.
  • Prints, baggy garments and leaflets were some of the leading resources within the different collections.
  • The balance of the runways reveals solidity and consistency in the construction of brand’s identities and original stylistic stamps.

July 2019. The first day of Colombia’s Fashion Week’s ® runways gave the assistants a tour on different proposals, driven to distinct wardrobe universes, which focus ranged from author’s fashion to commercial fashion.

The programming began with the Non Stop’s runway, Moda a la Colombiana ®, a space characterized by its identifying new brands standing out within the industry because of their strong identity and immense projection. This is the case of Juan de Dios and Religare; being the first one a firm leaded by Maria Fernanda Valencia, a brand oriented to swimwear, presenting for the first time in Colombiamoda. Wild Soul is the name of her Resort 2020 collection, an ultrafeminine story, set up with a great variety of one-piece and two pieces suits. Silhouettes with high waists and leaflets prevailed. Religare, on the other side, firm created by the designer Manuela Peña, introduced Latido, a collection characterized by baggy garments and placed necklines. Its main supplies were natural fibres. Knits, ties, knots, and beads decorations stood out.

After that, it was Ritual’s turn, a Fundación AVON runway by Andrés Pajón. A fashion moment that brought together AVON’s experience and knowledge, official makeup of the fair, with Andrés Pajón’s stamp of sophistication and elegance. Ritual is a story inspired on the safaris and the stylistic language these possess. The assistants appreciated on the runway, looks composed by twenty-four basic garments created by Andrés Pajón for AVON’s catalogue, but, in addition, some exclusive pieces of the firm. In other words, massive fashion synergies with author’s design.

A fundamental component within the runway’s schedule, were the academic focused runways. Precisely, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, a strategic ally on the development of the Inexmoda-UPB’s knowledge pavilion, introduced Design + Talent. A runway that puts together six design students and a graduated one, who presented collections exhibiting a high experimental component with different materials such as latex, vinyl, elastane and even sequins. These proposals moved from conceptual to commercial.

Colourful and womanhood was in charge of Carlos Carrizosa, who presented a series of defined looks with leaflets, lazes on the waist, wide sleeves and uncovered shoulders. Pink Filosofy went for versatility and subtlety with baggy and comfortable apparel, driven to a contemporary woman. The Man universe was in charge of Lugó Lugó, a brand that got together with Don Juan magazine and Royal Enfield and introduced Las Indias de Marco Polo; a collection that exhibited its traditional tailored line and its new luxury denim line. One-colour and light tones, contrasted with printed garments, with exotic fauna and flora motives.

At night, the Chevrolet Fashion Night by Beatriz Camacho runway, brought a collection charged with prints, figurative and abstract prints. Those were a constant element on the clothes with asymmetrical cuts and big volumes. Likewise, tassels appeared as a key element in dresses and blouses. The day closed with Tennis runway, which was made off-site in Ciudad del Rio. There, the brand introduced a collection dedicated to the three different moments of the day: morning, afternoon and evening. The designs were driven to an audience connected to the jeanswear, garments thought to provide feminine and masculine wardrobe endless possibilities with both the bohemian and rocker style the brand has.

This way, the first day of Colombia´s Fashion Week®, witnessed a good level within Colombian current fashion. With solid proposals, clear construction of brand identity and original stylistic seals, we can see a good picture for Colombian creatives and their potential projection. A substantial fact to strengthen the Fashion System and, of course, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which enables an assertive vision of the future and our industry.

Prensa Inexmoda

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