Colombiamoda 2020, a challenge taken by Inexmoda that transcended to the digital world

Colombiamoda 2020, a challenge taken by Inexmoda that transcended to the digital world

Around 220.000 visitors mainly from Countries like Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombian regions like Antioquia, Bogotá and Valle del Cauca, experienced Colombiamoda 2020 at

  • Around 220.000 visitors mainly from Countries like Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombian regions like Antioquia, Bogotá and Valle del Cauca, experienced Colombiamoda 2020 at
  • 455 offering brands and 200 buyers, 2.500 national and 700 internationals met on the business platform. To the date 4.400 appointments have been scheduled.
  • The Marketplace Online Store made in Alliance with Mercado Libre, had 85 Colombian brands from product categories like Feminine, Masculine, Intimate, Beachwear, Footwear and Accessories.
  • 27 conferences were part of the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion that had around 000 visitors, from the different digital platforms.
  • The 5 Master Class, 15 workshops and 21 expert advisors, trained around 000 people, who learned from different contents such as consumer, fashion trends, digital marketing and sustainability.
  • 000 visitors were part of the Fashion Branch from the Tradeshow, which had 18 Fashion Shows and 31 Activities from the new entertainment space. 

August 2020. Inexmoda, continuing with its mission to transform the fashion business and connect it with the market, kept its word to the Textile-Clothing Industry with Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week, and from its new format evolved as a digital platform maintaining the same essence and with a new awareness, adapted to the current reality.

This is how three months of conceptualization for Colombiamoda 2020 allowed innovative ideas, business, fashion and knowledge to democratize, gathering at around 220.000 visitors coming mainly from Countries like Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, United States and Mexico; and Colombian regions like Antioquia, Bogotá, Valle del Cuca, Caldas and Atlántico. A labor that was possible thanks to the 69 members of Inexmoda’s team, 405 employees and 85 allied entities that risk and made Colombiamoda 2020 a reality.

“Technology played on our favor and became an essential tool to create experiences around business, fashion and knowledge during Colombiamoda 2020, The Digital Fashion Week. It was an edition full of challenges and learnings, and today we are satisfied to have taken the right decision transforming Colombiamoda, as it also allowed us to discover a path full of opportunities that deserves to keep being evaluated. Inexmoda evolved and revolutionized with the 31st edition of Colombiamoda 2020”, stated Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, CEO of Inexmoda.


Business in Colombiamoda took place at where 455 offering brands from Countries like United States, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, among others, and from Colombian regions like Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Santander, Valle del Cauca and Norte de Santander, met through the business platform with 3.200 buyers, 2.500 national and from Departments like Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca and Santander and 700 international from countries like Ecuador, Mexico, United States, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. An effort made thanks to ProColombia, Inexmoda’s strategic ally.

From the past 27 July to 6 August, date that was extended by Inexmoda with the purpose of giving more time to the participants to continue meeting virtually with the buyers and the suppliers, will be the space so the participants continue having business and relationship meetings with specialized buyers within Colombiamoda 2020, activating the economic dynamic of the industry.

Until this date, 4.400 appointments have been scheduled from which stand out the interest in categories mainly like: Accessories, Clothing, Textiles, Biosecurity and Footwear. ProColombia, strategic ally of the event and contact with international buyers, promoted relationship meetings between Colombian suppliers and international buyers, generating commercial bonds in order to incentivize the industry exports.

“The garments with higher demand have been the underwear, sportswear, casual wear, pajamas, beachwear and the most active Countries have been the ones from the Caribbean, United States and Ecuador, until 4 August. The great answer to the foreign demand confirms that Colombia keeps positioning itself as a trustable supplier, even in the middle of the current circumstances. The buyers have provided a positive feedback, having more days for the business meetings with very positive results”, said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Within the novelties of this branch, stood out the participation of brands with products driven to Conscious Fashion (33%), Biosecurity (20%), Protection (17%) and Economic Textiles (3%), coming to Colombiamoda 2020 with interesting proposals according to the current needs of the consumers.

The attendants of the business branch also had the opportunity to participate in the Trends Forum, that for this edition, was made digitally offering 29 conferences corresponding to the Fall-Winter 20/21 season, connecting over the same platform around 5.100 people, who, in addition, could get to know from Colombiamoda 2020 suppliers, the 200 textile samples and supplies exhibited through resources like pictures.


For Inexmoda, it has been fundamental to establish strategic alliances supporting the growth and development of small, medium and big entrepreneurs from the Country. This is how within the frame of Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week, there was the participation of different groups of entrepreneurs part of Inexmoda’s programs next to allies from the Country that bet on fashion as a development tool, with their participation on the business dynamics of Colombiamoda.

From the Gobernación de Antioquia there was the participation of 30 entrepreneurs part of the program “Proyecta, Nuevos Mercados”, created between both institutions looking for Antioquia to strengthen the fashion exports of the Department, through the accompaniment to the entrepreneurs on their business model in order to reach international markets. 

“Colombiamoda is a window to the world, it is a very important space in which not only our entrepreneurs see the world, but they are also seen by the world. These are difficult times, the present is hard, but from the present we can project to the future. This project is called exactly like that Proyecta, and is basically how to reach capabilities to more than 100 entrepreneurs from all the regions so from the strengthening of those capabilities, for example exports, we can open new opportunities during the crisis”. said Maritza López Parra, secretary of Productivity and Competitiveness from the Gobernación de Antioquia.

On the other hand, Inexmoda and the Alcaldía de Medellín have their own purposes regarding entrepreneurship and productivity for the clothing producers, through the programs “Épica: Reto de Innovación” and “Encadenamientos Productivos Formarles”. For Colombiamoda 2020 there was the participation of 75 entrepreneurs part of this programs, who had the opportunity to get open to the business dynamics of the industry.

“The participation of our entrepreneurs from Épica and Encadenamientos Productivos, and this successful edition of Colombiamoda, sent a message of hope for the textile industry, which will be a fundamental branch for reactivating the economy or our city. This industry, producer of 2,5% of Medellin’s GDP, showed that it is very competitive on the international field and that the eyes of the world are on Medellin’s fashion. 22.000 visitors to the tradeshow are a sample of that”, stated the secretary of Economic Development, Alejandro Arias García.

Other entities like the Alcaldía de Cúcuta and its Chamber of Commerce, Alcaldía de Floridablanca, Bucaramanga’s Chamber of Commerce and the Alcaldía de Itagüí, were also part of this edition of the tradeshow supporting the entrepreneurs from their regions so they could be part of the business branch of the Tradeshow, generating them new opportunities within the Fashion System


On the 31st edition of the Tradeshow, the general public has had the chance to buy in the event from 27 July with the Marketplace Online Store made in alliance with Mercado Libre, in which 85 Colombian brands participate with their different product categories such as Feminine, Masculine, Intimate, Beachwear, Footwear, accessories and others.

“In Mercado Libre we have evidenced the importance of the fashion items within our Marketplace, with an increase of more than 70% in sales from January to July on this category. Colombiamoda was the perfect time to link more than 70 brands to our platform, adding more than 1.000 sold items to this date, and because of this, we have decided to extend the tradeshow in Mercado Libre until 9 August”, said Juan Camilo Pachón, Marketplace Head of Mercado Libre.

Understanding the rise and the importance taken by the digital channel, Inexmoda decided to extend the Marketplace Online Store Colombiamoda until 9 August, with the objective of having more exhibition time for the brands and understanding that the online business dynamics require more consideration time per purchase from the final consumer.


The Knowledge branch of Colombiamoda was lived on a completely digital format in which there were different spaces created to update the Fashion System enthusiasts. One of those was the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, made with the academic ally of the event, the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, which for this occasion was focused on the themes: trends, business models, digital transformation and sustainability.

In total there were 27 conferences by experts from Colombia, United States, Spain, Mexico, France, among others, that connected to over 74.000 visitors, highlighting the participation of Countries like Colombia, United States, Ecuador and Peru, which experienced these conferences from different digital platforms like and social media. 206.660 homes connected through Teleantioquia to the knowledge branch.

Furthermore, Inexmoda created a space for Colombiamoda 2020, that in accordance to the Institute’s mission, looked that the audience could apply the knowledge to their business or personal life, so as a novelty, there were 5 Master Class, 15 workshops and 21 expert advisors, activities that allowed that around 2.000 people train according to the different themes part of this edition, with contents like consumer, fashion trends, digital marketing, sustainability, among others.

From 27 to 31 July knowledge got to different national and international corners to keep updating the fashion enthusiasts before an industry that is reinventing itself on a daily basis.


Colombiamoda, The Digital Fashion Week had 18 Fashion Shows and 31 Entertainment Activities full of fashion, trends, well-being and culture.

The brands presented creative proposals going through different concepts, like the video games, fashion films, the golden years, the Amazons and even the moon phases. The fashion dynamic on this 31st edition of Colombiamoda adapted to the current context the world is going through, so following the strategy See Now Buy Now, the brands and the designers were looking to generate emotions through their proposals and an immediate connection with the online sales platforms of each brand, that were immediately available after the release of each fashion show.

AVON, for third consecutive year was the one in charge of filling with color and style the Fashion Shows, evidencing through make up and styling the trends for the season; but they were also in charge of sharing a message of liberty (Libertad) through the make-up and the creative proposal created between Diego Guarnizo and Avon Foundation for Women Colombia, opening the Fashion Shows for Colombiamoda 2020, delivering a message of respect towards women.

Designers as Guio Di Colombia, Lugó Lugó and Andrés Pajón and representative brands from the industry like Leonisa, Mercedes Campuzano, GEF, Punto Blanco, Vélez and Chamela, were part of this exercise. Also stood out collaborations within this edition, in which were perceived proposals between alliances like Diego Guarnizo and Avon Foundation for Women Colombia; Banco de Bogotá and Pink Filosofy, Arkitect and Beatriz Camacho, among others.

The young talent was also expressed from different creative ideas reflecting the potential of the industry, among them there were the students from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and La Colegiatura Colombiana; Religare, was the brand from Medellín selected to have its Fashion Show from Épica: Reto de Innovación; while Mompossina, Guillermo Castro, SieteOchenta and LaBloom, were also selected from this program, made from the alliance with the Alcaldía de Medellín in order to strengthen the business models from the participating brands. These four entrepreneurs evidenced their creativity through the Fashion Show El Cubo Medellín Futuro.

For this edition of the event, both Inexmoda and the participating brands bet on the fashion democratization through new contents as entertainment, looking for the people at their homes to have fun and find leisure moments. Dance lessons, cooking, make-up combats and clothing workshops, were some of the spaces promoted by Inexmoda next to brands like AVON, Leonisa, Falabella, Alcaldía de Medellín, Gobernación de Antioquia, Americanino, Chevignon, among others.

In addition, and with a cultural approach to fashion, Inexmoda presented minidocumentaries looking to evidence the local, regional and departmental textile tradition. Experts and designers like ALADO, Diego Guarnizo, Miguemo, among others, were responsible to tell the histories behind this important industry.

Around 79.000 visitors got connected, from Thursday 30 July to Saturday 1 August, to the different spaces of the broadcasts from the Fashion branch at and social media. From Teleantioquia and TeleMedellín, 419.000 homes got connected to this experience, witnessing the creativity of the national industry, which was reflected from different audiovisual proposals in charge of using fashion as a vehicle of communication to transmit social and cultural messages.

This edition of Colombiamoda was possible thanks to strategic allies who believed on this new project and were part of it: Gobernación de Antioquia, Alcaldía de Medellín, ProColombia, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, AVON, Teleantioquia, TeleMedellín and Banco de Bogotá, made possible the 31st edition of Colombiamoda.

Colombiamoda, The Digital. Fashion Week was a challenge come true that left a path full of opportunities to keep evolving and supporting the Fashion System. This is how Inexmoda will continue working in order to promote and boost the Colombian design, the entrepreneurship, the exports and the training of future professionals of the industry, through projects made next to national and international entities with the same commitment as the Colombian Institute: support an industry with high potential that deserves to be known before the world.

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