Colombiamoda 2019 renews its trade show and thinks in the Specialized buyer

Colombiamoda 2019 renews its trade show and thinks in the Specialized buyer

Therefore, different pavilions were prepared in Plaza Mayor in Medellin with distinct markets like Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Mixed, Footwear, Leatherwork and Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

  • The Trade Show of Colombia’s Fashion Week® renewed its spaces thinking on the needs of specialized buyers.
  • Segmented categories spatially like Feminine, masculine, youth, mixed, footwear and leatherwork, jewelry, and costume jewelry generate a big expectation on the second day of the fair, as well as new Vogue Talents Corner
  • Colombiamoda 2019 gathers approximately 478 different brands in the trade show and 106 more in Textiles2.

July 2019. On the second day of Colombiamoda’s 30th edition, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, it is exhibited to the visitors a high impact tradeshow thinking on the specialized buyer and this year it has segmented spaces, thought to concrete business encounters and to know the last novelties from the market.

Therefore, different pavilions were prepared in Plaza Mayor in Medellin with distinct markets like Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Mixed, Footwear, Leatherwork and Jewelry and Costume Jewelry, distributed in the blue, red and yellow pavilions, the Caja de Madera from Plaza Mayor, as well as the services from Textiles2, placed in the Green Pavilion, where materials and supplies for the second semester of the year can be found. Simultaneously, a new proposal made by Inexmoda for the fair is in the Red Pavilion, called Colombiamoda Emprendedora where around 21 different brands participate and connect to each other with national and international buyers.

Colombiamoda’s 30th special edition is distributed this year in 30.000mts2 prepared for its tradeshow and Plaza Mayor’s experiences, in an edition pointed to show the impact brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the industry.

This year, around 478 exhibitors are put together in the tradeshow and 106 more in Textiles2; where stand out segments like Feminine, the different categories of Textiles2 and footwear and leatherwork, distinguished by their greater participation.

Likewise, the new Vogue Talents Corner in the Caja de Madera gathering brands and designers with avant-garde proposals where brands such as Vattea, Silvia Cobos, Mistura-Fento, Fedesmeraldas, Mira Mulatta, among others, offer the buyers novelties that can be incorporated on their business models.

Between the companies with a broad commercial experience stand out within the Footwear and leatherwork segment, Calzado Papin, with 17 consecutive years being present in Colombiamoda. Its manager, Luis Humberto Jaimes, stated that for this year “we are looking to make a difference with customized products attracting international buyers. We are coming with prints in the soil, textures, strong colors and materials like mirror, litmus, sturdy soil and lots of engravings. The renewal of the tradeshow allows us to get closer to those foreign clients we are looking for”.

For Juan Carlos Núñez, general manager of C.I. J&C SAS, this Colombiamoda’s 30th edition is special as it is his fourth participation and return to the fair, after five years of absence “With very high expectations as we continue with the attainment of new national and international clients, for who we have an exportable offer in baby and toddler, with high confection garments and design that will be appreciated by our clients”.

For his part, Walter Alberto Aguirre, Clever Moda’s manager, commented that “with the tradeshow renewal we can see a higher traffic and interest from the buyers, people interested in doing and concreting businesses. We introduced in the fair our new collection of Men Underwear, with seven or eight lines and more than 30 silhouettes for this segment, because we want to show that just as happens with feminine underwear, there can also be creativity and variety for men”.

In one of the most attractive segments for the visitors as Jeanswear because of its multiple novelties and trends, there are also high expectations. Pablo Puerta, Madness manager, company participating for third consecutive year, said that “the fair is very interesting because the changes are very positive and we expect more to come. We are strong with prints in high relief in men tees and innovative techniques to attract the visitors”.

Among the main commercial attractive stood out the brand Rebell Swimwear, which designs swimwear for women, both “curvy” and “plus size”, looking to break some stereotypes in fashion and to consolidate in the national and international market as a distinct brand, oriented to a market demanding the best designs and trends. This way, Cristina Rendón and Ana María Rendón, fulfilled another dream of creating a company supporting feminine beauty diversity and including other stereotypes of fashion.

It was evidenced during the second day the positive business dynamic lived within the different Colombiamoda’s pavilions, Colombia’s Fashion Week, with the renewal of the tradeshow. Tomorrow, business, fashion and knowledge will continue being connected in the same place, in what is going to be the last and closing day of the fair.

Prensa Inexmoda

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